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Since mobile readers and mobile buyers across the globe are increasing by leaps and bounds, usersare needing to take advantage of the utility of mobile devices in order to view mobile friendly publications when they are on the go. Touted as a modern business person’s dream, HTML5 flip magazine created by Flip HTMLMagazine Publishing Platform enables entrepreneurs to stay on the competitive edge by creating highly attractive online documents; such as catalogs, user guides, auto brochures, audio books, other brochures, auto magazines and other eye-catching documents.

By publishing books and e-newsletters to mobile, business persons are providing a new kind of wow factor to their websites and the publications that they share. Because it has cross platform capabilities and is mobile friendly at the same time, the possibilities for use of Flip HTML5 are almost infinite.

Capabilities notwithstanding, the fact is that iPhones and iPads and Android devices do not enhance documents, they only enable them to be viewed. This means that, in order for something to look stunning in the browser, it has to be created with stunning effects. It’s easy to add animated effects, video and other awe-inspiring additions to documents with this software.

On a personal level or for business, this HTML5 flipbook software also enables users to design Christmas cards and photo albums.

Flip HTML5 utilizes the best cloud publishing platform, offers quick download, includes flip and slide mode and other futuristic features. A dress catalog demo with sliding effect offered by this software gives an appearance that closely simulates a runway of models. An auto catalog with page-flipping features enable viewers to get the rotating automotive showroom effect when they view it in their browser.

With a whole array of features, Flip HTML5 helps businesses to stay in the game and even gain a competitive edge. Audiences and readers that view the documents created with this software will probably have no idea that what they are viewing was created in four easy steps.

Prospects for business development come across as forward-thinking when they make it possible for others to view the various products designed for them in their mobile browsers. With compatibility as a non-issue, the developers of this software covered all the bases and looked ahead to future needs in the digital world by offering what will be needed later, right now.

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