Algorates Fund Exceeds Market Expectations

LONDON, UK – AlgoRates, the UK based investment house described by Fox News as the, “rising star of the financial world,” has announced the opening to new clients of one of their most profitable funds. *

The AlgoRates Lambda 343 Multi Strategy Fund which started in late 2010 is cited as one of the most profitable funds in the industry is cited as one of the most profitable in the industry and has posted impressive numbers. Certified financial records were released earlier today by MT4I LLP Financial Services London showing recorded profits of 72% since the fund became active, a number almost double the average yield for the same period by the S&P 500.

All AlgoRates’ mutual funds incorporate the use of sophisticated technology including what market analysts regard as the most advanced computer algorithms in the marketplace to predict currency, stock and commodity movements and recognize market trends. “What makes this technology different from other technologies,” says Algorates analyst Peter Lane, “is the emphasis on risk minimization, the tight supervision by expert traders, and the fact that this fund is accessible to private clients.”
In 2013, Algorates’ analysts have made several high-profile predictions. Last summer, the Dallas Morning News reported that, “having predicted [the decline in the Australian dollar] in early May, sold the Australian currency and recorded significant profits for their customers.”  **
The fund also made major gains on gold’s decline, earning profits of up to 300% for their clients earlier last year. The International Business Times noted that in January, AlgoRates, “sold the majority of their gold holdings prior to this year’s downturn.” ***
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