Abel Rose And The Houston Amputee Society Have Formed A Partnership To Reach Larger Audiences

Abel Rose and The Houston Amputee Society formed a new partnership that will be working toward our Missions Reaching Larger Audiences Houston, TX – March 8th, 2014

HOUSTON, TX  / Amateur to professional amputee and WCMX (chair skaters) participated in Houston’s first Adaptive Skate Clinic. The clinic was hosted by the Houston Amputee Society, a new organization in Houston that gives civilian and veteran amputees as well as like bodied individuals and family’s the opportunity to network and socialize.

The Houston Amputee Society(or H.A.S)Adaptive Skate Clinic sponsored by Hanger Clinic and Element took place at Houston Park’s and Recreation Department’s Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park, located 103 Sabine Street Houston, TX 77007. Designed by the premiere skatepark firm Grindline, the public 30,000 square-foot in-ground facility opened in June of 2008 in the shadow of downtown Houston.

In recent years Adaptive Sport has been gaining increased public exposure as well as a surge of participants. Adaptive Sport or Disabled Sports are played by persons with a disability, physical or intellectual.  Houston Amputee Society Founder and CEO, Houstonian and life long amputee Jeff Bourns,  had the idea of hosting an Adaptive Skate Clinic in Houston,TX,  pitched to him by a fellow amputee and Kansas City, MO resident Matthew Hawkins.  Thanks to Chuck French, Director of Houston’s Metropolitan Multi Service Center (or MMSC) located 1475 West Gray created in 2006 to offer a variety of recreational, sporting and quality of life programming for people with disabilities, the clinic was set to be held at Houston Park’s and Recreation Department’s Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park March 8th 2014 from 11am to 3pm.

The 2014 Adaptive Skate Clinic was the first time an event as such was brought to the city of Houston. Coaching the clinic were Professional Amputee Adaptive Skate Boarders Oscar Loreto, Jr, Matthew Hawkins, and Buddy 1 Leg (or B1L) Elias. Coaching the Chair Skaters or WCMX were Professional WCMX Skater Jonathan Stark and Quinn Waitley. The Coaches flew in for the weekend from California, Pittsburgh,PA, and Kansas City, MO. In addition to Adaptive skaters Professional Skaters Volunteered their time as well to be clinic coaches to help the event reach a larger audience and sign autographs or take pictures with those at the skatepark. Houston’s own Professional Skate Boarder Dan MacFarlane came out to the clinic to help coach and to show support as well as Professional Street League Champion Sean Malto. The 2014 Houston Adaptive Skate Clinic also brought out chair-sports youngest and soon to be most recognizable athlete Abel J.T. Rose. Abel Rose was born with Spinebifida and Hydrocephalus and is paralyzed hips down. Abel is now the youngest child to do the WCMX sport (adaptive skateboarding) at 18 months, receiving a Mike Box box designs chair at 17 months. At 18 months Abel attended his very first life rolls on event they will skate again. Abel’s parents Heather and Brian wish that more parents see children like Abel doing different Adaptive Sports and activities and come out from the shadows to break even more barriers down! They are sharing Abel’s story. H.A.S. Founder Jeff Bourns found Abel’s story very relatable and paralleled his own journey growing up as an amputee. The outcome of the event has been a new partnership between the two to reach a larger audience exposing others to all Adaptive Sports has to offer!

The Houston Amputee Society is an independent non-profit organization. Our mission at the Houston Amputee Society is to actively serve the amputee community by getting amputees together building relationships. We achieve this by holding events and adaptive education, one on one consultations, speaking engagements and active life style mentoring. H.A.S has no boundaries, meaning we are an independent organization representing ALL amputees regardless of prosthetic affiliation. We work with both civilian and military amputees. Our first year during our incubation phase we focused on expanding our reputation and vision; creating a community and putting people first! For our second year we will focus on expanding the community; letting others know they are not alone and practicing adaptive education principles.

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