Young Entrepreneur Earns Six Figure Revenue Selling Frozen Mice and Rats Online

Manchester, UK – “It’s not your usual Disney story” says Dan Maney, owner of , as he surveys his vast store of frozen mice, rats, and assorted rodents destined for the dinner menus of pet snakes and other reptiles. Since starting the business a mere 18 months ago, Maney’s clientele has spread nationwide giving him a handsome six figure revenue.

“Finding suitable nutrition for your snake can be tricky for pet owners. You can’t just go down to the supermarket and pick up a bag of dog food,” Maney said. It turns out snakes and reptiles can be quite picky about what they are served. Some species will only eat certain whole animals and they must be of a specific size or the snake won’t touch it. offers a wide assortment of mice, rats, and even hard to find rabbits. They also include the favorite foods of monitor lizards and birds of prey.

Maney stresses all food for reptiles is ethically raised. “The mice, rats and other animals used for food lives a good life before they are harvested. We do our best to follow the highest standards and protocol,” Maney said.

One key factor in the success of is their exceptionally quick shipping. Orders received before 4:30pm are shipped the same day. Because customers want to be home when their frozen order arrives, Maney sends an email or text pinning down a precise hour when the package is guaranteed to be delivered. “That’s as close to fast food as a reptile gets,” Many smiles.

While reptiles generally prefer rats, mice, and chicks, some reptiles insist on hard to find foods. That is why offers multimammate mice (the favorite food of picky royal pythons), gerbils, rabbits, hamsters, and quail. is a wealth of information for reptile owners. Articles offer the latest understanding on such varied topics as snake anatomy and the care of various reptiles and exotic pets. “There is a vast number of reptile owners out there who are thirsty for knowledge. They love that I’ve developed a place for them to meet, share their interests, and get the services they need,” Maney said.

Each item for sale has its own page on the site. Real photos of actual frozen animals are presented along with description, price, and customer reviews.

Contact: Dan Maney
phone: 0845 643 0079

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