Three times Award Winning Author

Three times Pinnacle award winning author documents life during infamous London Blitz

“Blitz & Pieces” by Percy W. Chattey tells the true story of one six year old’s experiences in WWII and beyond

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Hondon de loss Frailes, Alicante, Spain (4/17/2014)- “Blitz & Pieces: The True Story of How a Six Year Old Survived the London Blitz” (ISBN 1484881788), the Pinnacle Award winning autobiography by Percy W. Chattey, tells the harrowing tale of one child’s life during World War II’s notorious London Blitz.

Describing the horror of sleeping night after night in an air raid shelter, “Blitz & Pieces” documents author Percy W. Chattey’s life from his fear-filled childhood and British Army service to his numerous business adventures and successes. Providing a vivid recollection of Chattey’s life during and after W.W.II, the book strives to paint an honest picture of life during the difficult times in London’s East End.

Winning the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Autobiography, “Blitz & Pieces” has been widely regarded as a surefire addition to any World War II enthusiast’s bookshelf as well as a standout entry in the autobiographical genre. Aiming to capture the heart and soul of one man’s unique life, “Blitz & Pieces” tells an honest story of love, laughter and struggle.

Already an accomplished author, in 2013 Percy W. Chattey made history by becoming the first recipient of two Pinnacle Awards for separate books within the same session. Winning Best Autobiography for “Blitz & Pieces,” Chattey doubled up by winning Best Thriller for his novel, “Politically Incorrect.”

Beginning his writing career as a hobby, Percy W. Chattey published his first novel in 1983.  Since his initial success, “The Black Venus,”  another award winning novel for best fiction. He has gone on to write five other novels, “Motorway,” “Who Called Last Orders,” Politically Incorrect,” “Death for a Starter.” and the upcoming “Watchit”

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About the Author:

Percy W. Chattey was born within the sound of Bow Bells, making him a true cockney with the cockney´s sense of humour. Moving from the East End of London in 1975, Chattey settled in the West Country with his wife and two daughters. Always possessing an interest in writing, he has contributed to magazines as well as published a number of his own novels. As an award winning author, Chattey recently became the first person to win the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement award for two separate books in a single session for his novel “Politically Incorrect,” and his autobiography “Blitz & Pieces.”  Chattey and his family have lived in their holiday home in Spain since retiring from his architectural practice in Bristol, England.


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