Ready Rashid to Promote Message of Love

LIGHTNING RELEASES: (New York, USA, 29th April) -

Ready Rashid, a new age cartoon comic based on an emotional story of an orphaned boy raised by a Muslim family in a cosmopolitan Middle East city, has started with marketing activities across the USA to promote equality and Ready’s inspiring message of love.

The marketing initiative is an obvious sign that Ready’s team is willing to take a giant step forward and inspire comic admirers throughout the globe with its humorous and emotionally fulfilling story.

Ready Rashids marketing team will mostly focus on distribution deals and interaction with loyal supporters who stood by the project from day one: “Our team concluded that the distribution deals and more media exposure is what our audience deserves and needs in order to share this rich experience and Ready’s journey with the rest of the world. Therefore, we see USA distribution plans as a long term commitment and a moral obligation.

When asked about the audience and expectations after their initial story was published on Emirates 24/7 in March this year; team Ready replied with an encouraging  quote, rather than a standardized cliché: “When the moment arrives and indecision sets in, “Lean Forward, Eyes Front!

A primary motivation behind Ready Rashid’s story is the awareness of children’s needs and boosting the morale of children affected by unfortunate circumstances in urgent areas.

Interested distributors and readers are free to visit official Ready Rashid website, and official facebook page for more information and contact details.