Pro Teeth Guard Protects Millions of Teeth at One Half the Usual Price at

San Diego, CA – recently started offering professional, custom teeth guards delivered directly to customers at a much lower price than those provided by dentists. For years, a dental lab in San Diego County, has made teeth guards for dentists who then charge patients $400 to $800. ProTeethGuard only charges $139.99 to $189.99 for custom night guards. The firm ships to the US and Canada.

“These are the same professional teeth guards we have provided to dentists for a decade. The only difference is you can now get your teeth guard direct from the lab and save a lot of money,” said Lisa Graham of

As many as 30 percent of the population suffer from nighttime teeth grinding. Patients usually are not aware they are grinding their teeth in their sleep. The grinding can wear teeth and even make them loose. This often results in tooth decay, tooth pain, headaches, and even loss of teeth.

“Millions of people struggle with night teeth grinding. A professionally fitted and manufactured teeth guard can instantly stop the damage of grinding teeth,” Graham said.

When people order a teeth guard from, they receive a kit in the mail to make impressions of their teeth. The dental impressions are then returned to the lab for a professionally made custom dental guard. “We call the process order—bite—mail. Customers get our easy home kit and bite into dental putty, just like at the dentist,” Graham said.

From order to dental impressions to delivery of the custom teeth guard takes about three weeks. Typically dentists will make impressions, send them to the lab, while telling the patient to return in several weeks.

Customers can get their dentist’s advice one which teeth guard to buy. The most popular is the hybrid teeth guard for moderate to heavy grinding. The guard has a hard outer layer for durability and a soft inner layer for comfortable fit.

The dentist’s mark-up is usually 200 to 300 percent. gives customers a way to buy direct from the lab, giving them a big discount in the process. “We’re proud to be able to bring this service to so many people. By lowering the often high cost of dental care, many more people are getting the help they need,” Graham said.

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