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Singles in one of the most beautiful cities around can now reap the benefits of a top notch professional matchmaking service when it comes to the difficult journey of finding love.

Philadelphia, PA, April 2014

Matchmaking in Philly: Philadelphia is a beautiful, vibrant city where culture meets hard work and fun—but as the nation’s fifth largest city, it proves very difficult to find a compatible partner.  When leading hectic lifestyles, maintaining busy social lives and dealing with the Philly traffic jams, many singles in Philly don’t have the time they need to find a quality partner to share their lives with.  As a high end matchmaking agency, Philadelphia Singles Dating Service, tailors to the elite, intelligent, and successful singles in the Philly area, singles who are looking for that special someone to complement their lives. 

The matchmakers at Philadelphia Singles tap into their network of upscale singles in order to find the best suited matches for their clients.  Their work never stops until they find their clients find what they’re looking for—in a partner and lasting relationship.  With Philadelphia Singles, clients can spend their spare time doing what they enjoy—enjoying a guys’ poker night in or a ladies’ night in the city… all while the matchmakers work hard behind the scenes.  Their trained consultants know exactly what it takes to find and create lifelong matches. 

The matchmakers at Philadelphia Singles work with high-caliber singles and help them identify what makes them compatible with others.  Philadelphia Singles is comprised of a highly successful team of matchmakers who use their own 72 PT Compatibility Test in order to make quality matches—the secret tool to their 25 years of success in the dating industry.

Philly is a city filled with great energy and spark and the aim of the Philadelphia Singles and their matchmaking team is to add vibrancy and spark to each client’s love life.  They offer dating coaching and work closely with their clients to make them feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire matchmaking process.  Once the matchmakers begin making introductions, clients soon forget about all the hassles of conventional methods of dating—allowing them to sit back, relax, and enjoy dating once again.

As a confidential matchmaking agency, Philadelphia Singles, attracts high end clients who like their privacy protected.  The most upscale singles in Philly value their privacy so online dating is not an option—nobody wants their personal information being plastered on the World Wide Web.  The matchmaking team at Philadelphia Singles protects each member’s privacy and use a discreet approach to find them a life partner—they only recommend the most compatible of matches to ensure success.

About Philadelphia Singles Dating Service:

Philadelphia Singles is a personal matchmaking service with over 25 years of experience in the Philly matchmaking industry.  The personal matchmakers are passionate about bringing successful couples together and creating long lasting relationships.  They are adamant about pursuing love the old-fashion way; one-on-one customized services for a more personal and interactive approach to dating. 

Successful singles looking for high end matchmaking services in Philly can contact Philadelphia Singles by calling (610) 200-8177 or visiting: 

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