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Philadelphia, PA, April 2014

Calculating the odds of finding a soul mate in Philadelphia is like looking for a needle in a haystack or randomly landing a role on a major TV show.  Everyone knows that finding true love on their own is difficult, especially in a busy city like Philadelphia, but the Philadelphia matchmakers don’t want singles to panic when it comes to their love life.

The world is constantly letting everyone know that happy and healthy marriages do exist and that everyone can find love at the blink of an eye, but the truth is, finding love is difficult, especially for busy professionals with responsibilities piled high.  The matchmakers from Philadelphia Singles encourage locals to turn to a professional dating service when looking for that special someone—to save time, frustration, and disappointments.  Their 25 years of experience in the dating industry puts them on top of the competition when it comes to searching for someone special; 25 years of successful connecting professional Philly singles. 

The First Step:

The first step local singles must take is scheduling a consultation with one of their professional matchmakers.  The matchmakers will thoroughly examine each client’s personality and what it is they’re looking for in a perfect partner.  Next, they will search their large database for those who fit that specific criteria.  Much of their success is based on their unique 72 PT Compatibility Test, which has been designed to pan in on what their best match would be (as well as not waste their clients’ time with incompatible matches). 

The Perfect Matches:

The matchmakers of Philadelphia Singles know the perfect match happens when two people share common interests, values, and goals and complement each other.  Most of the clients that come into Philadelphia Singles already lead happy lives, but their lives become better when they’re able to find the perfect partner—it’s that one important part of their life that was missing, but was brought to them by the expert dating team at Philadelphia Singles.

The Perfect Result:

When the matchmakers see their members connect is when their job is done.  It’s their job to bring compatible singles together, but it’s the clients that make it happen for them. 

Finding love in a buzzing city like Philly doesn’t have to be hard, not with Philadelphia Singles on hand. 

About Philadelphia Singles Dating Service:

The matchmakers at Philadelphia Singles understand that in today’s busy world it can be challenging to find that special someone all alone.  The seasoned team of matchmaking professionals is passionate about old-fashion matchmaking.  They work one on one with their busy clients, helping them meet and make meaningful connections. 

Busy professionals looking to make changes in their love life can contact the team of dating specialists at Philadelphia Singles by calling (610) 200-8177 or visiting:

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