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Encino matchmakers teach local singles the right way to date with their sophisticated techniques.

Encino, Los Angeles, California, April 2014

Finding time to date can be hard to do for many busy professionals—trying to pencil in time between conferences, business luncheons and even out of town trips—and when they squeeze in an evening to date, they blow it with their business-like approach.  Many singles approach dating as a business meeting because for those singles who are successful in life, they are more likely goal-oriented and objective achievers.  When it comes to their jobs they are more likely out-performing others and as a result of this, it’s also very possible they’re approaching dating the same way, with all the wrong techniques.  Many singles look at themselves and realize a successful partner will complement their lives; after all, who wouldn’t mind having a quality partner by their side?

Being a person of action means understanding the importance of hiring someone who can help them achieve a goal.  They can afford it, and why not?  Matchmaking is no longer taboo.  Many successful people around the world are handing over their dreaded dating life for a much more sophisticated way of dating.  Exclusive matchmaking services are the new route for finding love and guaranteeing locals the opportunity to date someone who has real potential for true love. 

This is where LA Singles come into play for many busy professionals.  The matchmakers of LA Singles help their exclusive clients understand that dating isn’t a job interview and they’re approach needs to change if they want to be successful; after all, dating is not like a career, it requires a free and easygoing attitude.  Busy professionals spend so much time at their careers and businesses that their business mode transfers into their dating life—wreaking havoc on it.  They, over time, have changed themselves into only behaving in a professional way, but in order to find love they must adopt a fun and laidback attitude.  The matchmakers from LA Singles know there is nothing more refreshing than being yourself on a date, but they encourage busy professionals to leave the meeting room and business lunch lingo at work and to avoid interrogating their date.  They want their clients to smile, be genuine, have an open-mind and be relaxed while on a date—and this is what they teach them through their dating coaching services.  They want their clients to be the best version of themselves, but with a new casual attitude when it comes to finding love. 

About LA Singles Dating Service:

LA Singles is a reputable matchmaking service with over 25 years of experience in the Encino and LA dating industry.  They have two convenient offices for busy clients.  The team of experienced matchmakers work one on one with clients to ensure they form personal relationships with them to learn everything they can about what they’re looking for in a partner and relationship.

Singles interested in changing the way they date can contact a dating professional from LA Singles by calling (310) 438-5157 or visiting: http://matchmakers-losangeles.com

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