Don’t Leave Love Up to Chance! Choose Houston Matchmakers!

Houston matchmakers know finding true love comes at a cost!

Houston, Texas, April 2014

Ahh, that lovey dovey feeling, the one seen on TV shows and movies and even around friends… Yet for many, that love is very elusive and hard to find.  Meeting the right person takes luck, but it’s also an investment of time and money. 

There is no doubt that connections can be made at local parties and even coffee shops, yet many Houston residents are turning to a variety of services to make connections and find that special someone.  Matchmaking services have become the ‘to-go’ places when it comes to looking for love—those who are looking for attraction, chemistry, and compatibility know a professional matchmaker is the right avenue to find it.

“A personal matchmaker is an assistant for your love life,” explains Houston Singles, something many locals need when it comes to dating.  Those seeking love often have a long wish list that’s hard to find in a partner, but Houston Singles matchmakers are the key piece for this.  They help break these wish lists down into values—that’s the core of compatibility.  A client who wants a partner who will climb Mt. Everest with them might be happy with a partner who has an adventurous streak and Houston Singles will break it down and find them.  Matchmakers must also combine wishes and values with other important characteristics, such as location, family upbringing, careers, and lifestyle—but all this matching does come at a cost.

Life moves very swiftly and that’s a problem when it comes to finding healthy relationship.  Houston Singles explains that people have less patience today, especially when it comes to finding love, but that’s something they support and assist them with.  Love comes at a cost in general—even meeting a life partner in a traditional way comes at a cost.  Dates are expensive and time consuming and this is why many people choose a matchmaker instead of going at it alone.  People don’t want to waste their time and money on something that does not work, they want proven results—they want Houston Singles.  Houston Singles saves clients time, money, energy, and disappointments. 

About Houston Singles Dating Service:

Houston Singles is an alternative to online dating.  With over 25 years of experience in the Houston matchmaking industry, Houston Singles matchmakers have what it takes to connect successful professionals with that special someone they’ve been searching for. 

Local singles sick of leaving love up to chance can find out more about Houston Singles matchmaking services by calling (713) 570-6263 or visiting:

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