Boxoft Allows Mac Users to Convert PDF to Flash Flip Book Easily

Today, Boxoft, a leader in the development of page-flip software, storms the market with its latest app, Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for Mac.

In a recent management report on the product launch, the Chief Developer of Boxoft, states that the high level of demands for Mac-compatible version of Boxoft page-flip software actually propelled the development of the application. “Interestingly, Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for Mac is being given a top placement in the international market when it comes to its value-adding benefits. Nothing is better than a publication that speaks directly to the mind and appeals to the emotions. That’s what Boxoft software does,” he reveals.

He further affirms that authors and publishers would be able to convert their pdf to flash flip book for Mac seamlessly. Highlighting some of the features that make the page-flip software outperform others on the market, he states, saying, “Boxoft software is a multi-functional PDF to flipbook for Mac specifically developed for users who would like to turn their Adobe-based journal, calendar, magazine, newsletter, manual, and book into a flash flipbook. Based on user reviews, the app is now being recommended as the best tool to convert PDF to flash flipbook for Mac users.”

boxshot of Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for Mac

“With the use of Boxoft page-flip software, the value of a flipbook outweighs that of an ebook by virtue of the fact that the user can easily integrate videos, music, slideshows, images, and other multi-media files that would help to make the content sticky and helpful,” he notes.

According to the Chief Developer of Boxoft, the major output formats of Boxoft PDF to Flipbook for Mac are HTML, iPhone, EXE, APP, iPad, and Android; and each output serves a unique purpose. “The software enables users to create, share or publish their flipbook onto their desirable platform with the use of a particular output format. For instance, HTML format is ideal for online uploads while the zip format goes with e-mail messaging. In addition, for the first time, authors can create a flipbook in 14 world languages without any hassle, thus widening the boundaries of readership,” he adds.

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