Bexley Alcoholism Treatment Helpline Aims to Assist Addicts in Recovery

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/21/14 – The new Bexley Alcoholism Treatment Helpline offers a dependable resource for anyone who needs help finding a drug and alcohol recovery center.

For those in Bexley, OH who struggle with a hazardous addiction to drugs and alcohol, finding a treatment center with expert staff members can be a big challenge. Thanks to the new Alcoholism Treatment Helpline however, anybody can pick up the phone and take the first steps towards addiction recovery.

The helpline can be reached at (614) 902-3639 any time of the day or night so don’t hesitate to call! There is also a helpful website,, which contains more information about the goals of a rehab and recovery center and the staff members who work there. You can also send an email to and ask any questions you may have about how a treatment center.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious disease which requires the treatment offered by the professionals at a real recovery facility. Call the Bexley, OH Alcoholism Treatment Helpline today and start taking the much needed steps towards sobriety.

About Bexley Alcoholism Treatment Helpline:

Don’t spend another minute abusing drugs and alcohol when you can help from a service like Bexley Alcoholism Treatment Helpline. Call (614) 902-3639 or send an email to for more information about how a substance abuse recovery center can help people from all walks of life as they take steps towards sobriety.