Weeworld Secrets Takes Weeworld Cheats to a New Level

British Columbia Canada – Weeworld is a fun social network avatar-based massive multi-player game where you can meet new friends, play games, create your very own avatar and even send messages to other players. Weeworld was founded in March of year 2000 in the United Kingdom targeted for children under the age of 13.

Since the release of Weeworld, there have been several cheats websites showing up on the internet such as WeeworldSecrets.com. These sites contain information and tips on how to do certain things while playing the game. One site that has taken over the Weeworld cheats websites market is Weeworld Secrets.

Weeworld Secrets is a website that helps its users with fun cheats and tips on everything you need to know about the game. If you need any information on how to make friends, how to collect gold or even want the recent news then check out WeeworldSecrets.com. “Being able to help out our visitors with any questions about the game is really our main goal, it just makes their game experience that much better,” says Weeworld Secrets owner Ryan Broughton.

These type of websites such as Weeworld Secrets take the Weeworld game and expand on all of its features and activities that are available to both members and non members. Look to see more websites pop up on the internet such as WeeworldSecrets.com in the near future to improve your experience!.

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