Vortex Copters Launch Vortex on Kickstarter. Affordable, light weight drone with plug and play assembly for next level hobby aerial filming


Vortex Copters Launch Vortex. Affordable, light weight drone with plug and play assembly for next level hobby aerial filming

Vortex Copters - www.vortex-copters.com


  • Combined knowledge from years of testing and developing prototypes
  • Unique product in fast growing industry
  • Partnered with Skysense (They design hardware and software solutions to enable fully autonomous missions with multicopters)

Possible Topics

  • In the ocean of drones, Vortex is something special.
  • First multirotor drone with P’nP assembly and various customization.
  • Build your own drone with unique Vortex platform.
  • True heavy lifter drone copter that fits in a backpack.
  • Is Kickstarter ready for another drone?

Founders / Contact

  • Joze Novoselc (Qualtiy Manager at TA Hydronics, founder of First Wake Park) (Snowboarder, Wakeboarder) contact: joze.novoselc@vortex-copters.com
  • Neven Vinko ( SHIMANO sales manager for SE Europe at CS-Eurotrade d.o.o) (Mountain biker, MMA fighter, Technology freak) contact: neven.vinko@vortex-copters.com     skype: vinkoneven Tel: +38651339004




The drone-copter market still hasn’t managed to offer a drone that is light, heavy lifting, highly customizable, and pocket-sized – all at the same time. That motivated us to use our rich experience in flying- prototype development and testing, and create a drone for which we believe it might bring the revolution to this exciting market segment. Our drone possesses all those qualities, so that gave birth to the idea of founding a startup called the Vortex Copter, and starting a Kickstarter campaign that should gather the support needed to bring the drone into production.

Thus, the Vortex Copter combines all qualities expected from a drone copter within one single product. That is something no one managed to do so far. However, we are proud to say that we have managed to make a drone that is incredibly light and compact on one hand, but capable of lifting heavy load on the other. The small size and weight of the Vortex Copter, combined with the fact that it is very easy and quick to assemble and disassemble, make it perfect for active users who cannot carry a heavy load on their backs. In less than five minutes, the drone can be disassembled and packed into a regular 12 x 15 inch camera backpack, taking very little space. The great lifting power comes from powerful eight motors mounted on four light and short legs, so the Vortex Copter can even lift 8-pound semi-pro camera with ease. The legs can be attached and detached incredibly quickly and easily. Vortex Copter is highly customizable as well, which is one more of its main advantages over the competition. Switching from 8-motor to 4-motor setup takes only five minutes. The 4-motor version has shorter, and thus lighter legs, as well as smaller lifting power, so it is suitable for mounting lightweight cameras, such as the GoPro, and interesting First Person View (FPV) feature is especially fun to use. There are many more options – users will be able to purchase additional parts for customization, or even build or acquire parts on their own and attach them to the drone easily. The XY8 setup with three legs enables “legs-free” camera view. With any of the setups, controlling the drone is very simple and precise. If this drone comes to life, and we seriously hope and believe it will, we expect it to bring a completely new chapter in the history of drone copters and autonomous flyers in general.