The Groin Cup gets Re-Engineered, Lo-Bloo launches to North America

In keeping with our mission of marketing and distributing only the highest quality products to the Combat Sports World, Competitive ACE, LLC is proud to announce our latest product called Lo-Bloo Groin Cup.  Lo-Bloo is a state of the art Groin Protection System designed and made in Sweden. 

As most of us know, low blows are one of the remaining major issues in combat sports behind referring and scoring.  Lo-Bloo seeks to take wins or loses impacted by groin hits out of the equation. When it comes to protecting the family jewels, the Steel Thai Cup has historically been revered as the standard. That’s until two fighters / trainers in Sweden decided to create and patent a safer and more comfortable cup to use modeled after the Thai Cup with 21st century technology and function.

This new groin system, Lo-Bloo is available in North America by Competitive ACE. Lo-Bloo promises to add safety, comfort, function, hygiene and cost savings to the world of groin protection.

Made of high quality polymer plastic, the cup has been tested to 4 tons of pressure. Not only is Lo Bloo completely ergonomically contoured for the groin area, the cup’s design and function makes it stay in place upon impact. This is different from other modern types of cups as they can swing inside a compression short and ultimately transfer some of the impact of a hit.  Lo-Bloo is designed to stay in place as the user adjusts / locks the front draw cord to their preference.  Another major comfort point is that Lo-Bloo does not have a G-String type rope that ties in through the glutes as does the Thai steel cup.

For functional, Lo-Bloo does not require a specific compression short for its use as do most modern systems; it can be used on any under-garment or short which is great if you are frequently training and want to use a fresh pair of shorts / under-wear. Because of its material, Lo-Bloo can be easily rinsed in the sink or put in the washing machine within its Carry & Wash Mesh Bag. 

Test feedback by all UFC / MMA and Kickboxing / Muay Thai fighters has been incredibly positive.  The company see other uses for Lo-Bloo within team and extreme sports as well

Lo-Bloo’s Exclusive North American Distributor is Competitive Ace and Lo-Bloo can be purchased directly at and select retailers soon.

lo.bloo-Professional Groin Cup Protection System. New Patented design¸ tested to 4 tons of pressure. Extremely comfortable¸ contoured designed to move with your body¸ stay in place and not transfer impact when hit. Lo-Bloo can be used with any under-garment¸ compression short or directly on skin. Easy to rinse or machine wash¸ comes with a mesh carry & wash bag.


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