Real Estate Professional of the Week: Linda Pliagas

R.E.A.L Publications announces their Real Estate Person of the Week column and today we are featuring Linda Pliagas. She has a fascinating story of turning pain into prosperity and being a light of hope to others.

About Linda Pliagas

I am the publisher/owner and media/marketing maverick for Realty411 Magazine (reWealth is our alternate cover). The publication reaches real estate investors and real estate professionals. We produce expos around the country and also publish CashFlow Express, which is a financial newspaper available only at our events.

Recently we partnered with the publisher of REI Wealth Monthly, which is available @ the Apple Newsstand. The San Diego-based publication has been successfully publishing for one year prior to their business relationship with Realty411. Currently REI Wealth Monthly is the only monthly Real Estate Investment Magazine in the United States.

I am a former veteran journalist for a variety of national magazines, newspapers and online news sites. My areas of specialty include: business, personal finance, lifestyle, celebrity interviews, real estate, personal growth, financial news and real estate marketing. I am a current and active real estate investor, I have owned properties in five states and understand the power of real estate. I’ve done rehabs, short term holds, long term holds and own both multifamily and single family investments. I have been a licensed real estate agent in California for the past 11 years.

Specialties: I enjoy combining media and marketing with real estate. I want to be a testimony to landlording, in particular for long-distance real estate investing. I want to let them know that I have succeeded and there are wonderful property managers that really care about people and their portfolios around the country. Real estate investing is my passion, I’ve owned properties in five states and I am an active buyer of real estate.

To contact me, Realty411, REI Wealth Monthly or CashFlow Express, please direct phone calls and inquiries to: Realty411 Magazine, 805-693-1497 | email: