New Internet Challenge Teaches How to Build a Business Online

Brett McFall is an internet millionaire and pioneer. He has dedicated his life to helping others create wealth online. Billions are made online but you don’t have to be Amazon or to get your piece of the pie.

Brett recently announced his own Challenge and said,” “Give me a willing person, a laptop computer, an internet connection and $500. Within 30 days that person will have a product, a website and $2,000 in the bank – plus a system to make that money over and over again for life. If I fail, I’ll buy that business back from them for $5,000.”

Exactly 2,143 people entered the contest to be selected for this experiment, and the winner was 47 year old Michael Hughes – a married father of two with zero online business experience.

McFall adds,” Now you can see how this experiment went in a new documentary called, “The Internet Challenge.”

You’ll see the highs and lows, the fun of living the internet lifestyle on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, and also see whether Brett McFall succeeded or failed at his own “Challenge.”

Brett will setup in business with only $500 and a laptop.

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