God Jr Fashion Label Releases New Spring 2014 Designer T-shirts

Los Angeles, CA April 1, 2014. Fashion designer Zeldon Wills releases new designer T-shirt. With his first designer T-shirt being a home run, this newly released item is even hotter. Wills released the promo tee in early January to “his locals” only. But by popular demand he restocked the promo tee and half were sold within the same week. This tee is being worn all through southern California, Texas, North Carolina, New York and other states. Now he’s coming back to give the world what they want, something new.

The newly released shirt features two crossed swords on the front with Chinese-type font reading “God Jr” above them. On the back there’s the same Chinese-type font reading “God Jr” with a globe below it centered between Chinese text that translates to “God”.

Wills stated that the cross swords portray protection against anything that may be thrown at the person wearing this piece, symbolically. Wills continued that there’s a very limited quantity of the shirt, and he may even be raffling a few of them off!

He has everyone on their toes wondering what his next collection will look like and what it actually means! He posted pixilated pictures of the shirt to his Instagram (@Fatherzeldon) and to his Twitter (@Fatherzeldon). Very mysterious, yet clever.

You can get this hot new streetwear apparel at www.GodJr.bigcartel.com.

About God Jr:
Established in 2013, by Zeldon Wills. God Jr is a clothing line of designer streetwear specializing in high quality, luxury apparel that combines everyday wear with an expensive lifestyle. By not going along with the trends, God Jr takes fashion to the next level.

A very rare style, offering an experience not available in any everyday store. For more information, contact Zeldon via e-mail at: ZeldonRV@yahoo.com or www.GodJr.bigcartel.com.

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