Global Vacation Network Announces Website Upgrades and Improved Travel Resources

Global Vacation Network Announces Website Upgrades and Improved Travel Resources

PALM HARBOR, Fla. – Global Vacation Network, a leader in travel membership services, recently announced a series of changes and updates to its website. The popular travel club’s website now includes a variety of resources that enhance travelers’ ability to save money while planning vacations around the world. “From the beginning, our goal has been to make travel as affordable and accessible as possible,” said a senior manager for the company. “With the new updates to our website and our expanded presence on social media, we’ve positioned ourselves to be a leading online travel resource for members and non-members alike.”

Global Vacation Network is a membership-based travel club that offers deeply discounted rates for condos in resort destinations around the world. The club also offers discounted rates for Caribbean cruises and acts as a full-fledged travel agency. Up until recently, the company’s main website was mostly reserved for members. “There’s still a members-only portal that has everything travelers need to book incredible vacations,” said the manager. “However, the main site, which is accessible to everyone, now includes articles and other informational pieces that let travelers make the most informed decisions possible.”

Many of the new features on the Global Vacation Network site are readily available to anyone. Some of the most popular articles highlight travel destinations around the U.S. and the world. “Our members love getting out there and seeing the world, and many of them need advice about where to travel next,” said the manager. “By browsing our library of travel articles, travelers can gain the inspiration they need to come up with some truly amazing ideas.” Members can then check to see if discounted condos are available in those destinations. “We make a point of offering condos in some of the most popular destinations, so it’s pretty easy to find great deals.”

Long-time members of Global Vacation Network are already singing the praises of the redesigned website. “My wife and I have been members for a few years,” said Paul Smith, a member from Ohio. “We’ve always appreciated the superior level of customer service that we’ve received from GVN. When I heard about the revamped site, I went and checked it out immediately. I’m really pleased with all of the new resources that are available. I’ve already come up with a few great vacation ideas for the upcoming year and plan to book a trip soon.”

Stories on the site are split up into two main categories: domestic and international. By clicking on the category of their choice, members can peruse a variety of articles and posts about various destinations. There are also pieces that provide advice about various aspects of traveling. For instance, some pieces offer tips on choosing the right airline. The company hopes that these articles will give travelers the information they need to plan their vacations effectively from start to finish. “Information is power, and we’re happy to provide it at Global Vacation Network,” says an employee.

Global Vacation Network has eight sales locations around the United States and helps more than 30,000 travelers per year plan and enjoy discounted vacations around the world. Information about the sales offices is available on the site, which also includes an entire section that’s completely devoted to travel tools like the Zagat online restaurant guide and an easy-to-use currency converter. “Global Vacation Network is more than just a travel club,” says the manager. “By making our website as useful to members and non-members as possible, we’re able to arm travelers with relevant, up-to-date information that is sure to come in handy while planning their vacations.”


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