Ebook Shows Where To Find Thousands More For Your 401(K)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Philadelphia PA:  The April 15th deadline fast approaches for contributions to retirement accounts, a time when everyone struggles to squeeze some extra cash into their account.  But did you know there is actually a feature of retirement accounts that is costing Americans tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars?  A feature that you can fix in just about ten minutes, saving you years of losses?

Anyone with a 401(K) or IRA account will want to learn how to quickly and easily boost their retirement income.  The eBook “Boost Your 401(K):  The Easy Way to Retirement Riches” by Susan Calhoun, is being offered for free the weekend of March 29th through March 31st.  Part of the “Easy Way to Invest” series from Blue Sky Publishing, Inc., “Boost Your 401(K)” is available for all Kindle eBook formats through the Amazon.com website.  This book explains how investors can save literally thousands of dollars for retirement with just one simple step.  It also offers little-known ideas for finding money to add to retirement accounts, how to set up additional retirement accounts where you can stash money tax-free, and how to choose the best mutual funds for the long term.

“These are strategies that are outside the box, that you won’t hear from your plan manager at work,” according to author and attorney Susan Calhoun.  “The tactics I outline in my eBook are easy to follow, and were able to save my clients tens of thousands of dollars in their accounts during the Great Recession.  These strategies work even better in today’s bull market, and will show investors how to weather economic downturns.  Anyone who wants to save the most money for retirement will want to try some of these tips.”

For most investors with a 401(K) plan at work, the information provided by one’s employer can be minimal at best.  There is information about the funds that are offered, but when it comes to learning the real details of investing, employees are mainly left on their own.  The reason so many people lost money in their retirement accounts in the Great Recession, according to Calhoun, is that investors were told that the market would always go up, that stocks average 9% forever, and all investors had to do was leave their money sitting for twenty-plus years in an index fund.  The truth about investing is much different, yet many investors today remain unsure of what to do in a more volatile market. It doesn’t have to be difficult, as Boost Your 401(K) points out.

Boost Your 401(K) offers ideas for saving a ton of money on fees and costs, as well as how to navigate the variety of mutual funds made available in your plan.  There are also suggestions for retirement accounts you can open alongside your 401(K), in order to put even more money aside for your retirement years.  Along with saving money and finding top performing investments, you’ll also learn about self-employed plans that give investors a huge opportunity to stash even more tax free money.  The key to this eBook is to tell investors that there a many ways to grow your retirement portfolio alongside your 401(K); you aren’t just limited to the basics your employer’s plan tells you about.

Now you can get these great retirement account tips for free.  As a special promotion for tax season, from March 29th through March 31st, Boost Your 401(K) can be downloaded for free at Amazon.com in Kindle eBook format.  You don’t need a Kindle to get this offer; anyone can read it by downloading the free Kindle app or by signing up for Kindle Cloud Reader to read online.  Get your copy, and add thousands to your 401(K) today.

For more information, contact Susan Calhoun, Blue Sky Publishing, Inc., at suec@blueskypublishing.co, (802) 823-2778, Skype at blueskypub, and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/easywaytoinvest.