ZOFT Gum Company Manufactures Diverse Family Of Tableted Products For Faster Delivery Of Supplements, Nutrients

Port St. Lucie, FL – This week ZOFT Gum Company rolled out even more capabilities in their recent entry in the manufacture of tableted products. ZOFT contract manufactures a diverse family of tableted products in different dosage forms. Their capabilities include chewing gum, chewable tablets, lozenges, medicated confectionery, mints and candy to customer specifications in a Kosher certified, allergen-free and true GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant manufacturing environment. This means all of ZOFT’s ingredients and products are independently tested and verified by a third-party laboratory to fully comply with GMP guidelines.

“We are leading the way in unique tableted products. Almost anything that can be tableted we can make. Our compressed gum is made using a proprietary direct compression tableting process which provides a better, more accurate delivery mechanism for active ingredients and supplements,” said Heather Collins, ZOFT Media Representative.

ZOFT has an in-house professional project management team to take a client’s product from concept to final production. They provide fast turnaround on custom formulations and specialize in developing challenging formulations that include dietary and nutritional supplement ingredients. “Our in-house formulation team works with customers to create unique products that will surpass their competitors in originality, effectiveness and taste,” Collins said.

Unique new products are a marketers’ dream. For those who would rather skip the custom formulation step and go right to production, ZOFT has already formulated several tableted products in chewing gum, lozenge and chewable tablet formats that are available to customers as a private label in their brand. These include Energy Chewing Gum or Lozenges. ZOFT can include virtually any amount of caffeine up to 100mg in sugar or sugar-free tablets.

Some of ZOFT’s other popular private label products include:

Co-Q-10 Chewing Gum

- 30 mg per tablet using Kaneka Q10T active Co-Q-10
- Supports a healthy heart function

Zinc Chewing Gum

- 20 mg of zinc acetate per tablet (better absorption versus zinc gluconate)

Ginger Chewing Gum

- 50 mg ginger may help calm the stomach and fight nausea

Calcium Gum

- 500mg of calcium carbonate per gum piece
- A daily source of extra calcium that your body may need

Green Coffee Bean Gum

- A 200mg green coffee bean chewing gum with 100mg of active chlorogenic acid
- Outstanding and unique mocha flavor

Welltrim Gum

- 150 mg of WellTrim (African Mango Extract) per tablet
- The only gum with this active ingredient

ZOFT has developed and manufactured products including those for Dental care, Recalcification, Probiotics, Periodontal products, Energy, Stress management, Weight loss, Metabolic, Nutricosmetic, Antioxidants, and many more.

Contact Person: Heather Collins, Media Representative

Contact Number: 888 ZOFT GUM (888 963 8486)
Fax: 877 ZOFT GUM (877 963 8486)
Email: support@zoft.com
Website: www.zoft.com, www.facebook.com/zoftgum, www.twitter.com/zoft, www.instagram.com/zoftgum, https://plus.google.com/103046023817906061616
Address: ZOFT Gum Company
10302 S. Federal Hwy #340

Port St. Lucie, FL 34952

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