, what my neighbor cooked today ?!



In the mood for a freshly prepared home cooked meal, but don’t have the time or the culinary skills?
Chefs and home cooks unite to prepared nutritious meals, for busy foodies in their local community. A real junk food alternative !

While eating out is convenience, it adds up quickly, and is often not the healthiest option when it comes to nutritional value and portion size. While many individuals prefer healthy home cooked meals—they just don’t have the time or the culinary skills to cook at home on a regular basis. As a result many people end up dinging out in restaurants, drive-thrus, or eating processed foods—but it doesn’t have to be that way!

The dedicated team at has created a system of food sharing that allows foodies who don’t know how, or don’t have the time to cook—to enjoy healthy home cooked meals through their innovative food sharing community.



“There are many benefits to food sharing from enjoying healthy home cooked meals, trading and purchasing locally growing produce, and interacting more with individuals in your community.” Representative’s food sharing community is not only advantageous to individuals who do not have the know time or skills to cook for themselves daily—but gives locals who enjoy cooking the opportunity do more of what they love. Cooking in larger portions reduces food waste, is more cost effective, and gives home cooks an opportunity to make a little extra money by preparing a meal they are making for their family anyway.

However, preparing and buying healthy home cooked meals is not the only way community members can enjoy food sharing. Farmers and individuals with gardens can sell their extra produce directly to community members, or can trade produce with other farmers and gardeners for selections they don’t have in their garden.

“The benefits of joining a food sharing community are limitless—healthy home cooked meals, fresh local produce, increased community involvement and sharing makes you feel good from the inside out.” Representative

The innovative food sharing community at is free to join and free to use. They have a mobile app (coming soon) to make food sharing easy, and all food sharing matches are determined by location and type of cuisine desired. To help foodies select a home chef, the site has a rating system to help users find their ideal chef and each foodie can leave a public comment on the food they have enjoyed. is available to foodies, home chefs, and professional chefs worldwide. They are launching their innovative food sharing community in January of 2014.

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