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Even those who hire professionals to come and clean and service pools still must have a regular vacuum and sweeping system.

The Hayward ™ line of pool products features several attachment wings that fit on the side of a standard pool vacuum. These wings function similarly to spoilers on racing cars: The wings keep the vacuum on the pool bottom.

“Common vacuums seem to go everywhere in the pool but across the bottom. Those that do stay on the bottom do not adequately make contact, and this results in poor efficiency,” said Thomas Lopez, inventor of the Sweep Fins and the Pool Patch, the Hayward ™ Pool Vac Wings keep the vacuum in close contact with the pool bottom for increased efficiency.

The Sweep Fin is an alternative to the OEM, original equipment manufacturer, Hayward™ fin.

A pool vacuum can only suck the loose debris, leaving behind the rest of the trash and algae in the pool. Over time, this can stain the bottom of the pool and drastically reduce a home’s value.

The Sweep Fin has a revolutionary fit to help fight both algae and trash.

“My Sweep Fin holds the vacuum in close contact with the pool surface, but it also has polyamide bristles, which help remove surface stains and algae from the pool,” said Lopez.

These bristles scour the bottom of the pool, pulling algae and trash up and into the vacuum, making a pool cleaner and safer for swimmers.

The bristles are guaranteed to maintain shape and not wear from the pool surface contact. This means years of quality use with the Sweep Fin.

Lopez Sweep Fins are available at the Home Depot™ and other fine retailers. Visit the website for dealer locations.


Sweep Fins™ and Pool Pads™ are products of Pool Patch LLC Pool Patch™ LLC was founded by Thomas Lopez owner of Aquavida Pools, based in Phoenix Arizona. Pool Patch is a leading manufacturer of specialty swimming pool improvement products for professionals and consumers.

Pool Patch product lines include Plaster, Pebble, and Quartz swimming pool surface patch repair kits, Pool Patch also manufactures pool deck and tile repair kits.

Pool Patch products are used in a wide array of swimming pool surface applications and always fulfill the highest quality standards. We are committed to customer satisfaction, innovation, and teamwork.

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Pool Patch
Thomas Lopez, Owner

11430 N. Cave Creek Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona 85020

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