Changing the Math In a Big Way on Stage 4 Breast Cancer!


Changing the Math In a Big Way on Stage 4 Breast Cancer!

Stage 4 Breast Cancer has maybe a 10% five year survival rate – not very good if it’s you or spouse. Dan Purser MD, with his unique way of looking at the data, has found several peer-reviewed studies lost in the modern medical literature that have real promise to change that math and has included them in his newest book (which has already been as high as #1 in its section on Amazon), The Breast Cancer Patient’s Survival Guide: Amazing Strategies for Winning (available in both paperback and Kindle versions on

For example – did you know that cancer cells have 8X-200X the metabolic needs of regular human cells? You should, because Dr. Otto Warburg won the 1931 Nobel prize in medicine for figuring that out. Now recent studies have showed how a cancer patient can use the “Warburg effect” against those cancer cells — showing that fasting (but drinking lots of water) for 48 hours prior to each episode of chemotherapy can cause the cancer cells to starve and consequently greedily suck up enormous amounts of the chemo (to their detriment). This amazing fact (which Dr. Purser believes oncologists are just too busy to share but which is book is full of) can reduce your side effects from the chemo by up to 80% and more importantly can increase your odds of complete remission by up to 9X. That’s incredible! And that’s just one trick you can use to beat cancer (he says these studies work with almost any cancer).

Dr. Purser supplies the references and websites and details of a variety of studies and even includes checklists on beating breast cancer, preventing the cancer in the first place, and preventing recurrence once you’ve beaten it.

Dr. Dan Purser (, graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, and after years of research is the bestselling author of 10 books, including co-writing a textbook, Program120: A Physician’s Guide to Proactive Preventive Medicine, and the Program 120 Handbooks. His men’s health book, Improving Male Sexuality, Fertility and Testosterone, was #1 in the Amazon Health Sex section for more than a week and his newest book, The Breast Cancer Patient’s Survival Guide: Amazing Strategies for Winning, was #1 in the Amazon Health Reference section. He is also an entertaining and dynamic educator and speaker (he has never NOT been voted as The Most Popular Speaker at any conference at which he’s spoken) and is popular among both the public and physicians, and has travelled many thousands of miles doing book, radio and product tours all over the world.

He is also the founder of a couple of successful health product design companies through which he makes a number of products for nutraceutical companies, and is a BIG fan of amusement parks (where you can usually find him in his off time with his wife and some of their 10 children).

Dr. Purser can be contacted at or through his medical office (383 West 600 North, Lindon, UT 84042) in Lindon, Utah at (801) 796-7667.