Beyond Business Live Tour Announced

Robert Smith hit a wall in his business until he learned the secrets of outsourcing. His business has grown to 7 figures thanks to the founder of Beyond Business Live. The Beyond Business Live event is announcing their tour.

Daven Michaels is the founder of 123Employee, one of the premier outsourcing companies in the world, and the brains behind the ‘New Wealth & Freedom’ system. Daven is also an in-demand speaker. He travels around the country educating entrepreneurs about the benefits of outsourcing.

Many personal development trainers talk about making more money, working less, turning your passion into prosperity, having more time and freedom, and many sell great info products. Daven does more than talk about it, though: he has lived it, breathes it, teaches his success formula and strategies, and through 123Employee services helps entrepreneurs all over the world make more money, save valuable time and create the lifestyle they dream about.

The tour will stop in Las Vegas, San Jose, LA, Atlanta, Dallas, and New Jersey. See site for exact dates.

These 3 day events will teach you everything to improve:


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