Another U.S. Economic Collapse is Avoidable


Sacramento, CA – Feb. 4, 2014 – Remaking America Now is announcing the launch of “Goal 2024,” the vehicle to build the 10-year Strategic Economic Plan for the United States of America.

Support for Goal 2024

Remaking America Now is a forum for the development and dissemination of public and private sector solutions. Our Web 2.0 social media platform serves as a conference exchange and knowledge-sharing portal. Working with government, education and private sector leaders to develop a robust program and exposition, supporting information and best practice sharing through publication of forward-thinking information about the U.S. economy and communities. Goal 2024 is the United States of America’s strategic sharing platform for economic growth.

A national clearinghouse bringing solutions and decision makers together, Remaking America Now serves as a platform for the sharing of best practices and investment cooperation on joint project implementation. The future of America relies on public-private partnership and participation of private financial investment in funding of economic competitiveness projects. Initiatives are designed to promote sustainable economy, energy, water, climate, quality of life, technology and transportation to communities as well as education at the K-12 up through the post university level.

We challenge federal, state, county and city government representatives and business leaders to collaborate on behalf of the public interest in America’s battle against a failing economy. Our prospectus for economic growth is in consortium with government representatives and CEO, CFO and managing directors of the corporate community.

“The United States has already gone beyond the crossroads; we are now faced with a social and economic decline never before seen on our soil,” says William L. Neece, Executive Director of Remaking America Now. “The solutions and willpower exist to change the direction, but we must understand our challenges and strive with an unrelenting resolve to bring the solutions forward for our immediate benefit and that of the generations to come.”

Currently Goal 2024 is building the mind trust and offering corporate sponsorship programs for the national campaign.

About Remaking America Now: Remaking America Now was established as a non-partisan space for government and business leaders to build alliances with communities promoting economic development and education across the nation.


Remaking America Now/Goal 2024

William L. Neece
Executive Director
Sacramento, CA

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