The S.O.G. Crew Live Performance at Prophet X Birthday Bash in Hollywood, CA

The S.O.G. Crew perform live at Prophet X birthday bash in Hollywood, CA. Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Robert “Battle Ax” Ornelas of international hip-hop group The S.O.G Crew supports gospel hip-hop. Dr. Ornelas also known as Battle Ax breaks modes by campaigning for Governor of the state of California while maintaining his position as lead vocalist of Thump Records/Universal hip-hop group The S.O.G Crew.

The S.O.G. Crew Live Performance at Prophet X Birthday Bash in Hollywood, CA

This episode of Elite TV features a live performance of Ornelas as he supports local hip-hop artist Prophet X. Prophet X celebrates CD release and 40th birthday with The S.O.G Crew along with local organizations such as Say No Yo!

Say No Yo Unlimited is a faith based group of people, with similar backgrounds, who have taken a positive stand and “Say No” attitude against Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Teen Bullying, Suicide, Homelessness, Teen Prostitution and raising awareness to teens in danger of using drugs.

Prophet X is a Christian Hip Hop Artist and Minister in Los Angeles Ca. He is also the Pastor of The Freedom Fellowship Church in Pacoima, CA.

Dr. Robert Ornelas California Gubernatorial Candidate 2014

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