Shortline Dental, A Trusted Tulsa Dentist, Has Just Released Their Updated Website

Shortline Dental has been serving the North, South and East Tulsa areas with the best dental care for adults and children alike. An affordable Tulsa Dentist that families know and trust has just announced the release of their updated website. This website will offer an explanation of their service, insurance and payment information as well as the days and hours to contact one of the three offices to schedule an appointment.

Shortline Dental is a Tulsa dentist is focused on the healthy smile of their patients and can help families without dental insurance get the same quality treatment at an affordable price. This updated website is user friendly and will have updated all along on the specials this Tulsa dentist is offering. Making long term relationship with their clients is at the heart of this Tulsa dentist.

The staff at Shortline Dental want to be more than just an annual visit. This Tulsa dentist makes every patient feel like family and provide the care that family deserves. The updated website for this Tulsa dentist offer information on SoonerCare and more because Shortline Dental knows that Tulsa families deserve the full range of dental services that are affordable.
Visit their updated website at and make an appointment at the office located nearest you.

ShortLine Dental
1671 E 71st
Tulsa, OK 74136
(918) 359-0507