Robert Smith & Associates Public Relations Enters Health Industry

Robert Smith & Associates, a PR firm, today announced their health and wellness division to expand into other health niches including chiropractors, physical therapists, eye doctors and grow their practice by becoming a valuable media source. Benchmark helps doctors by getting free publicity on radio, TV, Internet, newspapers, and magazine locally and nationally.

Most chiropractors overlook PR in their overall marketing strategy and as a result they are missing out on the 16 million people who visit a chiropractor each year.

Our clients have appeared on Lifetime, USA Today, NY Times, L.A. Chronicle, New Yorker, and CNN and since they work up close with the media they found that there is a shortage of alternative health experts and a growing demand for chiropractors to share drug free treatments and other areas of specialty.

” It’s becoming more difficult and more expensive for doctors to fight through the clutter and reach patients and since people block out ads it just makes sense to use articles and TV appearances as a strategy for chiropractors,” says Robert Smith, founder of the 15 year old firm

Robert Smith is a top PR expert and 2 time member of the USA Today Small Business Panel.