Real Estate Agent to Pay For Not Delivering Promised Service

Ft Myers, FL –Real Estate Broker and owner of Starlink Realty in Ft Myers, Ernesto Rijavec, says that not all real estate agents do business in the same way and very few real estate agents are prepared to guarantee their service delivery in writing with penalties if they do not deliver.


He says research shows that 78% of home sellers are dissatisfied with the service they receive from their real estate agent and that these clients will not use that agent again. The main complaint by them is poor communication from their agent. Real estate home buyers and seller that are tied into an agreement with an agent do not have the option of cancelling without penalties and therefore will stick it out with an agent they are dissatisfied with, says Ernesto.

However there are exceptions for home buyers and home sellers because the recently formed real estate team operating in SW Florida called “Team Florida Lifestyle” offers their clients (in writing) guarantees that save buyers at least $5000 when buying a home. And for home sellers, they will sell their home in 89 days or less. If they fail to deliver on their written guarantee they would pay the client $2000 for not delivering as promised.


The agents on Team Florida Lifestyle not only pay for non delivery but also offer their clients the option to cancel their agreement at any time if the client is dissatisfied with their service.

Ernesto says that when real estate agents are being held financially accountable to their clients for non delivery or unsatisfactory service, it changes how real estate agents provide their services. This accountability should ensure that home buyers and sellers actually receive the service they expect from their real estate agent.

For more information contact Ernest Rijavec at (239) 699 0644, or home sellers can visit the website and home buyers can visit the website

Ernesto Rijavec – Team Florida Lifestyle @ Starlink Realty, 1567 Hayley Lane, Suite 205, Ft Myers, FL 33907 (239) 699-0644