Pitbull Mortgage School National Hard Money Conference Announced

Pitbull Mortgage School today announced their annual Hard Money Conference on Feb. 20,2014 in Ft. Lauderdale. This seminar is the definitive answer in creating a high income career in real estate banking and hard money lending. Our California based seminar series has trained mortgage brokers, loan officers, private investors, hard money lenders and attorneys in the lucrative field of private money lending.

” My experience tells me that most brokers, lenders and real estate investors never come close to reaching their income potential in hard money lending. The reasons are simple, most lending professionals spend their time spinning their wheels instead of converting their time into revenue producing efforts. You need to know what to ask the borrower to flush out the real information regarding the loan scenario,” says Founder Leonard Rosen

Attendees will learn:

The creation of a REG D 506 Federal Filing.
- Starting and creating a private placement memorandum (PPM)
- Start and create a mortgage pool
- Education on the creation of a fractional investment mortgage pool
- Brokering mezzanine and conduit loans
- Start and create a hard money mortgage company
- Asking the right questions of the borrower
- Managing your borrower
- Where to place your loan scenario
- Determining the value of the real estate property (the Pitbull Hard Money way)
- Packaging and selling your loans to the real estate investor
- Brokering raw land loans and hard money commercial loans
- Learn the secrets of buying REO (bank owned properties)
- Brokering residential hard money loans
- Brokering rehab hard money loans

To register visit www.pitbullconference.com