Penny Auction Expands, a leading discount penny auction website with offices in Delaware and South Florida has opened up shipping to Canadian customers this week. The company provides an exciting online shopping experience where consumers can bid on a variety of products for ­ significant discounts. And now, Canadian customers can join the fun of HappyBidDay’s competitive online auction shopping experience.

Opening penny auction bidding shipping to Canada is yet another milestone for HappyBidDay. In recent months, the company has seen tremendous growth, thanks in large part to new site features that cater to their savvy site users. This expansion to Canada, along with their recent feature rollouts, speaks to the popular website’s steady growth initiatives.

In November 2012, HappyBidDay entered its third year in business and as the company embarks upon the second quarter of 2013, the outlook continues to look promising to thrive as a leader in the penny auction industry. The Canada launch is a move that CEO Lisa Dee says is expected to continue to bolster their growing popularity.