New Do-It-Yourself Internet Reputation Management Workbook is now available for free for three days, beginning January 20th, from


For the first time “The Completely Do-It-Yourself Internet Reputation Management Workbook” is being offered free for download between January 20 and 23. It is available as a Kindle e-book through and can be downloaded to a computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone or any Kindle product during this promotion. The book is available at the Kindle Store Here.

By Austin, Texas author Don Martin, of Don Martin Public Affairs, it is a somewhat humorous and step-by-step process in the form of a workbook for Internet reputation management and repair, including moving down negative materials in the search engine rankings, buying domain names, creating websites for free, keyword and longtail keyword selection, Search Engine Optimization, use of WordPress, legal issues, a full in-depth Glossary and much more.

The book is for individuals and small businesses who lack significant technical background but who can easily do all of the steps themselves, most of them for free. Are negative things being said about you online? Are nasty reviews and false rumors hurting your chances to succeed? Are personal facts about you displayed online?  Nothing is more valuable than your personal reputation. Yet the Internet can destroy your reputation in an instant, The fact is that you can fix your Internet reputation with a few simple steps outlined in this new Kindle book.

Contact: Don Martin (512) 328-2900
2525 Wallingwood Dr, Building 7-C, Austin TX 78746