Modest swimwear is the new trend


Leelach, an Israeli website provides stylishly designed modest swimwear for customers who want to dress modestly and go to the beach. Leelach was created by Nava Fried, in 2013. “Leelach”, in Hebrew, means for me and for you. This is, in essence, the heart and soul of the website- Israeli designers lovingly pour their energy into crafting products inspired by the unique Israeli experiences each one of them lives and breathes. Their wonderful creations are then sold overseas, sending a little piece of vibrant soulful Israel from the designers’ home to the customers’.

Our Modest SwimDress: The Dress is past your knee, the sleeves are 3/4 and the neckline is high in order to cover your collar bone and to keep you tznius. (we also reccomend our dresses for women who want to stay protected from the sun in the summer) The swimwear material is made of lycra. Washing instructions are on the tag. The dress comes with a built in bra, and is really comfrotable. The dress dries quickly. There are snaps at the bottom of the dress, so that you can close it like pants and swim in it. Its Suitable for teens. women and maternity.

Our Modest Swim Skirt: The Swim Skirt is perfect for all swiming purposes & is very comfortable inside and outside of the water, it will insure that you will stay modest when wet & dry!! The swim skirt comes with attached shorts that are the same legnth 26″. The swim skirt snpas ont he hem, and has an adjustable waistband, its cool, breathable, quick drying, chlorine resistant.

The swimskirt is suitable for: Running, exercising, biking, hiking, yogo, & of course, swimming, we particularley reccomend it for Maternity use.

Leelach promotes femininity and modesty in an artful way. In today’s modern world modesty is slowly becoming less and less important, so Leelach makes a concentrated effort to inspire her customers and to show them the magnificence that contemporary tradition holds. Leelach carries a wide range of designer modest clothing, and has the largest online head covering selection available world-wide. Leelach’s products are made from a wide range of quality materials and selected based on popularity, so the end result is a superior product that is sure to satisfy her costumers! Since Israel’s fashion scene is constantly developing, Leelach’s designers take care to keep up with the trends whilst keeping the customer’s preferences in mind, especially where comfort and modesty are concerned.