, a New Social Networking Launched

Las Vegas, NV;

North Las Vegas based Princewill Adeyemi has announced the launch of, a completely free social networking website focused specially on keeping both tourists, visitors and locals connected.

Las Vegas Social Networking Website

Las Vegas Social Networking Website

With National Geographic Adventure calling Las Vegas, the “Best City to Live and Play,” thousands of tourists globally flocks into the World’s Center of Entertainment, Las Vegas, Nevada,” says Princewill Adeyemi. “Las Vegas is renowned worldwide for its outstanding hospitality, from classical renowned Casinos, Gift Shops, Amazing Restaurants and great Shows!”

The newly launched social networking website, is a free social network services focusing on keeping both tourists, visitors and locals connected, while providing real time communication, information dissemination to both visitors, tourists and local vis-a-vis via Live Chat, Question and Answer, Polls and more.

“With, users are able to initiate private or public real-time conversation, post fun pictures or videos, receives instant updates from best restaurant in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Strip Clubs, Magnificent Shows and more,” added Princewill Adeyemi.

Ever wanted to be in Las Vegas for a vacation or business trip but never had a time to plan for it? now you can virtually connect with locals and ask questions, get instant response that might help you in preparing for your visit in Las Vegas and make your visit an outstanding and remarkable one.

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Contact Info:
Princewill Adeyemi
5840 W Craigs Rd
North Las Vegas,
NV 89031
email: padeyemi[AT]lasvegaslol[DOT]com

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