INTUITION Has Positive Impact On Timeshare Industry Reputation Online

The timeshare industry’s premier social media monitoring platform and brand marketing service reveals some impressive statistics from 2013.

The INTUITION Brand Marketing service is operated by Perspective Group, the leading independent PR & Multimedia Company globally for the timeshare and vacation ownership industry. Launched officially in February 2013, it has rapidly become one of the hottest new services for timeshare resort developers and associated industry vendors.

The service uniquely combines enterprise-level social media monitoring, brand reputation management and competitive analysis with expert content creation, PR syndication, online marketing, customer surveys and much more.

The company revealed today some interesting facts and figures about the timeshare industry’s online visibility and perceived reputation.

After filtering out duplicates and spam content, the INTUITION Social Media Monitoring platform tracked and analyzed a total of 708,537 unique online mentions of timeshare and vacation ownership between January 1st and December 31st 2013.

Of these mentions, 8% were classified as overtly negative in sentiment, the majority of 77% were neutral and 15% were of positive sentiment.

INTUITION’s contribution to these online mentions in its first year was a staggering 6% of all mentions, which produced an impressive 66% increase in positive mentions about the industry online, over what would have existed without the work done by the INTUITION brand marketing team.

The data collected over the past year can now be filtered and segmented in countless ways to produce invaluable business intelligence about the timeshare industry as a whole, or drilled down further to provide insights into specific niche sectors.

This positive impact is the result of the combined increase in visibility of INTUITION’s rapidly growing client portfolio. Many companies that use the service have had huge increases in their individual brand visibility, with INTUITION content now representing on average between 50-85% of each companies total online mentions.

“It’s been a great first year for INTUITION, and having worked within the timeshare industry for nearly 18 years, I am proud to be able to see the positive results that the industry can receive as an added benefit to the individual results of our clients,” said Paul Mattimoe, President and CEO, Perspective Group.

Timeshare Developers, Marketers and Vendors can custom build their brand marketing package to include only the elements they need, but as a whole, INTUITION makes the most comprehensive suite of services currently available from an independent third party company within the vacation ownership industry.

These elements include, but are not limited to:

  • Real time analytics from an enterprise-level social media monitoring platform custom built for the timeshare industry.
  • Brand Reputation Management, Competitive Analysis, Facebook Page Management, Twitter Account Management, Keyword Tracking (individual resorts, products, services or key phrases), Marketing Campaign Tracking.
  • Original content creation, including Press Releases, Blog Posts, Magazine Editorials and more.
  • Content Syndication, Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing.
  • Print and Digital Advertising.
  • Custom Print / Digital Member Magazine Publishing.
  • Guest / Member Surveys, Reporting and Analytics

The INTUITION Brand Marketing service currently provides business intelligence and online marketing solutions for a diverse client portfolio that includes resort developers, marketers, exchange companies, resale and rental companies, travel clubs, software providers, associations, design companies, resort management companies and more across the globe.

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INTUTION offers an enterprise-level custom built social media monitoring platform with market leading data segmentation that delivers invaluable business intelligence, from brand reputation management and competitive analysis, to in-depth social media channel analytics and internet-wide brand visibility covering more than 70+ million websites. This service then uniquely combines social monitoring with original content creation, including press releases, magazine editorials, blog posts and social media marketing, plus mainstream and exclusive INTUITION only syndication to enhance brand visibility and product or service awareness. For more information visit