iBooks Author Templates Releases New Premium Templates and The Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing

Jackson, WY – This week iBooks Author Templates at http://www.ibooksauthortemplates.com released new premium templates along with video tutorials showing how authors can easily use and modify templates to create superior quality ibooks. The company currently offers 49 custom designed templates for use with Apple’s self-publishing platform iBooks Author.

Authors combine their content with iBooks Author Templates polished, professionally designed templates to make highly attractive books that get attention, garner influence, and drive sales. “The default templates that come with iBooks Author don’t meet the needs of everyone. We created a large collection of the best iBook designs on the market to solve that problem,” said Jess Barkell of iBooks Author Templates. “The designs are also 100% customizable so authors can tweak the template to get the look that’s perfect for them,” she continued.

Additionally iBooks Author Templates offers video tutorials including how to modify free templates. That allows authors to easily get the look and functionality they want to make their ibook pleasing and successful.

“We’ve also published our own how-to book called ‘The Guide to Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your eBook.’ This gives authors and would-be writers a big boost in getting published in the best possible way without the steep learning curve and expense,” Barkell said.

The current line of iBooks Author Templates includes a variety of subjects, looks, and interactive layouts. From cookbooks to tutorials to photo albums – templates are cleverly designed to give ibooks the strong visual appeal they need to drive to the top of best seller lists.

Authors simply download a template, add their content, then publish. This eliminates the traditional wait involved with print publisher submissions, editing, printing, and distribution. “Take your content, make it look great, and publish – all in the same day,” Barkell said.

Apple’s ibook format has become a standard for e-books being readable on the more than 700 million Apple devices in use worldwide ranging from notebooks to tablets to phones. The iBooks application is now also available on the desktop. Authors can download their iBooks Author template immediately after purchase. Templates are easy to install and work with. There is no limit to the number of times a template can be used.

iBooks Author Templates are attractive for publishers, institutions, and prolific authors as the templates come with considerable freedom allowing almost unfettered commercial use. The entire line of 49 templates can be purchased for $199 working out to a mere $4.73 per template.

“Our templates really give do-it-yourself authors the freedom and foundation to create a book that looks polished and professionally designed – without the hefty price tag. This is a huge step forward for e-book publishing,” Barkell said.

Contact: Jess Barkell
690 South Highway 89, Suite 200
Jackson, WY 83002

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