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Greetings From Above – Proof of Life After Death: K.M.Ryan’s Book now available on Kindle

Greetings From Above – Proof of Life After Death: K.M.Ryan’s Book now available on Kindle

by OnlinePRJanuary 2, 2014

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based acclaimed author, K.M. Ryan, has announced the availability of her book, ‘Greetings From Above – Proof of Life After Death’ on’s Kindle platform. Launched under the Spiritual Self-Help genre, the book features 106 true personal short stories of after death communications and personal encounters between deceased loved ones and those left behind. It seeks to provide comfort, healing and hope to people who have lost loved ones to death and aims to provide solace to the grieving and offer reassurance that their loved ones are fine, are still with them and are watching over them while they continue to love them as they did when they were on earth.

Greetings From Above - Proof of Life After Death

Greetings From Above – Proof of Life After Death

Released under the banner of CreateSpace, the paperback version of the book has 170 pages and is available for $7.97. The Kindle ebook version of the book has 150 pages and is available for just $ 4.97 on’s Kindle Bookstore online and can be directly downloaded to one’s Kindle, tablet, cell phone, laptop or computer from the following URL:

“Death affects every person, religion and culture. Survivors who receive signs from deceased loved ones may not allow themselves to fully recognize that they really are actual signs. They may believe these signs are ‘all in their heads’ and dismiss them,” says K.M. Ryan, the author of the book. “The recipients of these proof of afterlife signs are often embarrassed to share their experiences or ask others if they, too, have received similar signs. The heart touching life after death stories in my book seek to offer comfort and reassurance to the grieving, allowing them to heal, experience peace and move forward with their lives while recognizing that their loved ones are still with them. Further, these real life experiences emphasize that they’re not alone who receive signals from their loved ones who have departed!”

The book is said to be a compulsive page turner for its readers as each and every one of the personal stories featured in the book is narrated by the author in an extremely well-refined, straightforward writing style, vividly portraying each experience to the readers in a very personal manner. These comforting stories of love and hope show that life continues on even if a person has lost a loved one to death.

“Death of a loved one is quite a rude shock for anyone. It shakes a person to the core if their loved one passes away. My new book can give them the insight and comfort they seek and offer them the strength they need to deal with the personal loss,” added the author. “Reading about the numerous accounts of others who have sensed the loving influence of people they cared for dearly in this life is a great comfort and can offer real peace of mind to anyone who has lost a relative or friend they were close with. ”

Being considered as one of the most insightful books released on the subject of Life After Death in recent months, “‘Greetings From Above – Proof of Life After Death ” by K.M. Ryan is expected to emerge as a must-read for people who have lost their loved one and are seeking a relief from the pain and emptiness that is left behind!’

“Anyone who has ever wondered what their loved ones experience after passing on or anyone who has considered whether or not their loved ones are watching over them from above, will surely relate to the experiences shared in the stories featured in my book,” speaking on the inspiration for her new book, the author said. “I sincerely hope that this book of mine will provide strength to my readers and help them get on with their lives.”

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About Author K.M. Ryan
K.M. Ryan is an acclaimed author who has penned over 30 books on Amazon Kindle including “Greetings From Above”, “Dying to Exist”, “3250 Questions to Ask Before Marriage”, “One Week to Save Your Marriage”, and “How to Be Romantic”. She holds a Master’s Degree, a Certificate in Spirituality, Health, and Healing, and a Certificate in Perinatal Issues along with training in men and depression, birth parent adoption, and bereavement counseling. She is also the writer and editor of nine websites and blogs. She enjoys reading, writing, exercising, going for walks around lakes and the beach, and spending time with her family and friends.

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