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The platform, which goes by the name, FliphtmI5, covers a wide category of digital content raging from animals and pets to art and photography, cooking, food and beverage to entertainment, fashion and style to health and fitness, and lifestyle to sports and recreation.

According to the company’s spokesperson, they will always be to make their Html5 publishing solution, not just being a free for users to utilize, but also being the number-one HTML5 interactive publishing solution for anyone wanting to share his or her literary creation online in the newest medium possible.

“All users can sign up for an account, upload PDF file, and then convert the PDF to html5 flip book for free,” says Jason.

The spokesperson adds uploaded PDFs can be accessed at

Availing one’s self to the resources of provided on the FliphtmI5 platform is as simple as counting one, two three, meaning the user first upload a PDF file, convert PDF to flipbook, and then manipulate the settings.

As an awesomely powerful content creator, the FlipHTML5 Flip platform, according to its spokesperson, was primarily designed to help persons publish their own engaging flip-line online publications, namely e-newsletters, magazines, user guides, shopping catalog – the applications are limitless only to one’s imagination.

According to the sites creators, one of the leading questions they are usually asked by persons interested in the new FlipHYML5 platform is “How do I create my own HTML5 FlipBook?

However, according to the platform creators, it’s very simple. “All one needs to do is to first convert his or her publication in a PDF format before importing it with the FlipHTML5 flipbook maker. After that, the desired medium template in which the final document will be published is chosen, and just like magic, at the push of a button, out come in mere minutes the desired publication,” explained the source.

Another oft-asked questions the FlipHTML5 creators received, is “What is FlipHTML5 upload online service (Free)?”

According to the platform creators, person who don’t have access to a web server, they have developed the Free Upload Online Service, which gives users the opportunity to upload their book in an instant after they have created without any FTP or other upload devises needed.

“Besides, users of our free platform can very easily manage their publications so that people can view them their PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices,” says the FlipHTML5spokesperson,

Three of the real benefits to using free FlipHTML5 are, one, users don’t need a web site, secondly, their creations are safely store with Amazon S3, and finally, they can easily upload, access, share (no FTP and Breakpoint transmission needed).

For further information, please visit the following website:

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