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FlipBook Creator Professional, by far the best windows based page flip software to generate flipbooks that can be viewed on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone. FlipBook Creator Professional is a professional type of flipbook software that can be used to convert PDF files to page flipping digital publications. It allows use of embed videos (YouTube, Vimeo and more..), images, audio, graphics, slideshow, button, flash, hyperlinks, hotspots and more multimedia objects to flipbook pages. With FlipBook Creator Professional, advertisement just gets better in any area of business you can ever think of around the world.

A review by PcWorld says that, “FlipBook Creator Professional makes it very easy for people to create optimized mobile experiences… you can trigger an experience from the offline world and it will surely look good on any device.”

With its ability to convert PDF files to flip book based on adobe flash, support for auto flip pages and automatic page turning, it proves itself to be the best in all ramifications. Language teaching centers now use FlipBook Creator Professional to make teaching materials into page turning book. With this useful software, the instructional materials can be published online, embedded into website, or shared with students via the Internet easily. The FlipBook creator Professional allows readers to share E-book through E-mail, Facebook, twitter and other social networking. Specificity is very important in instructional materials for students and with the ability to view flipbook in a full screen mode and repeatedly, all explanations in the materials are specifically set out for quick understanding for the readers.

The good features of FlipBook Creator Professional for language teaching centers around the world are that it enables:

  1. Addition of flash animation to make materials more attractive;
  2. addition of YouTube video, Flv video to pages;
  3. addition of audio file to pages;
  4. addition of animated assistant to narrate the books with sound and text;
  5. This kind of digital brochures and materials are easy to share online with customers via data transfer of sharing with social media.
  6. Online flip book can be simple with only several pages, but it presents unusual page turn effect that is able to catch attention of students.

Conclusively, with this software, users can design beautiful and rich-multimedia language teaching instructional materials that will spring students to success, join today at http://www.flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker-pro/ you will love it.

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