Deanna Wharwood Associates Guides Veterans to Success

Ft. Walton Beach, FL: Coming out of the military, many veterans look for employment opportunities. According to a study from the SBA Office of Advocacy, veterans owned 9 percent of all businesses nationwide. The SBA also found that veterans with over 20 years of experience had high levels of self-employment. A possible reason for those statistics could be the fact that military training develops organization and risk-taking skills. Deanna Wharwood and Associates ( specializes in assisting military retirees to transition into a new job they love, or, using their military skills, create a successful business.

Often times, those who retire from the military are told that they either have too many credentials, or too few. Those who have served often consider starting small businesses because they have the necessary skills. The military teaches leadership, technology, physical fitness, management, psychology, and many other important life-skills. However, it can be difficult to start a business for the first time alone.

Successful, well-known veterans include Frederick Wallace Smith, who formed FedEx and is now worth over $2 billion. Malcom Forbes was a staff sergeant in the US Army and founded Forbes magazine. Staff Sergeant David Thomas went on to found Wendy’s, a successful fast food chain.

The team at Deanna Wharwood and Associates is a one-stop-shop that helps those who have retired from the military to become self-employed and start small businesses. Veterans enjoy the independence that comes with starting a business, and they find it more rewarding than working for someone else while being underpaid. The team at Deanna Wharwood understands and supports veterans, and veterans can get assistance in the most cost-effective manner in order to mitigate their risk when starting a small business.

According to Deanna Wharwood, the veteran’s coach, “my mission in life is to help active duty, veterans and military spouses transition easily from military life to their dream life.” She has been featured multiple times in the media including Fox Business, iHeart Radio, and Guardian Express and enjoys the success and happiness she brings to her clients.


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