Company Offers Business Opportunity

North American Power provides renewable electricity and clean natural gas that gives back to charity and delivers the power to earn each time a customer flips the switch. The company currently serves customers in deregulated energy markets including Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island with plans to expand to additional markets this year.

Energy deregulation gives customers the power to choose who supplies their energy, and in deregulated states across the country, many are switching from their utility to a retail electricity and natural gas supplier. The customer is still billed and serviced by their local utility, but their supply is provided by a company that can be more responsive to market conditions and deliver benefits that go well beyond keeping the lights on.

Each customer who switches to North American Power has the opportunity to earn cash rewards with the company’s groundbreaking customer referral model. Customers who refer friends or family members earn income and keep earning every time they share North American Power’s products. Plus, customers who are interested in pursuing greater earnings can sign on as an Independent Representative to take advantage of a zero-risk, zero-investment home-based business opportunity.

The benefits of owning a business are numerous. The more people you refer, the more your network grows and the more money you’ll make. It is our goal to help you supplement your income or achieve total financial independence by supporting and rewarding your efforts.

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