Chicago’s Entrepreneur Evolution Seminar 2014 Saturday, January 25

OYM Institute today announced their Entrepreneur’s Evolution Seminar on Saturday, Jan 25th at Residence Inn
located at 790 Jorie Blvd Oak Brook, IL. Too many businesses are struggling to survive because they lack a system for generating new leads and converting those leads into paying customers.

Statistics for companies that fail are staggering and more companies will fail this year unless they change their mindset, strategy, and execution.


-How to Leverage Social Media Revealed, and How to Make a Fortune Online
-The Step by Step formula for “Positioning” so you never have to prospect again
-The Truth about Websites, what the experts don’t want you to know
-The 5 things You Must Never Do if you want to Recruit a Million Dollar Team
-The ABC formula for Closing the Sale -The Correct way to creating a Marketing Plan
-The Dirty Little Secret to a Millionaire Mentality =An Easy Cure for Procrastination
-The Full Proof way to creating a System, so you never waste a minute again

Space is limited! Register at:

Admission: $97