Binary Options Automatic Desktop Trading Software Released

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Binary Options trading is a tool used by traders to increase their profits from their trades. Binary options are a tool that traders can use to secure maximum profits and with the release of the latest binary options automatic trading software, traders can expect to leverage their investment returns at the ceiling of their profits.


Profit in 60 Seconds is almost risked free money when trader’s trade 100’s of minutes per day. It is voted as the No. 1 binary option desktop trading software and verified with 86% of accuracy for one minute of trades. Those traders are assured that almost 91% of their day trade will be profitable.

Traders can have the opportunity to try out this automatic trading software with its one month free trial. This offer does not require users to submit their credit card information, and that’s an advantage. After users have tried and proven that Profit in 60 Seconds can give them returns of investment, they can buy the software for only $997. Those who are hesitant to buy the full version of the product can settle for the trial version, and it’s functionally identical to the paid version. However, users will only benefit from the advantages of Profit in 60 Seconds for 30 days only while in paid version, users can profit from it as long as they are trading binary options.


Profit in 60 Seconds is also quoted as the only binary options trading software that is able to turn $200 of investment to $2, 400 within a month of trial. This software is an application that users need to download to their desktop computer. This application provides real-time, one minute Binary Options CALL and PUT signals.

Traders who have used Profit in 60 Seconds to trade binary options in 12 months have 86% profitable trades, and 91% profitable days. Also, over 80% of traders who have gained profit doubled the price of the software within their one month free trial period.

However, despite the profit that it guaranteed in 60 seconds, the amount of money that users will make from trading Binary Options depends on three factors – the amount of deposit they start in, how many users trade throughout the day, and their signal profitability rate of the trades they take.


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