Releases Fresh Centsy Candles Reviews

Dallas, TX – Announcing Scentsy- We found a company that has an amazing product. What is Scentsy? Scentsy are candles that are leadless, flameless and smokeless. Scentsy warmers don’t have a wick and melt the wax using a light bulb. The warmers heat the wax up with a 25, 20 or 15 watt light bulb depending on what size of warmer you select. The best part is the vast amount of scents they carry.

Our review: These products don’t have a dangerous flame that you may forget to blow out; it doesn’t produce harmful chemicals into the air and has no black smoke. We give this product two thumbs up.

On the upside: Even though Scentsy is famous for the warmers and scents they also offers body products like Scentsy buddies, which are stuffed animals. They also offer air fresheners, room sprays, scent tins to bring on vacation, Laundry Care, Soap and Hand Sanitizer.


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