BenEzra Marketing SEO Company In Israel Year in Recap


2013 was a magnificent breakout year for my Internet Marketing company Ben-Ezra Marketing, I can hardly wait to see what this new year brings!

Last year I received invitations to speak and travel to global internet marketing conferences in Israel, Australia, and Toronto, and meeting tons of entrepeneurs and internet professionals exchanging ideas and emails; I feel I have gained so much new information and techniques to share with my own clients.

I want to take this time to thank the sponsors who assisted in my travel to these conferences and I will continue to promote your products. I also would like to thank my clients around the world for trusting me and using my services and my techniques in your own businesses and letting me present your stories as real life case studies to my audiences.

This year my plans are to travel and speak again at many more Global conferences commencing with Israel, completing my studies and finishing my Dale Carnigie training that has helped me so much in my presentations.

I am looking forward also to meeting new clients and helping them build their business marketing plans via the internet, social media, you tube video and

Finally, here’s wishing you a prosperous and vibrant New Year!