Author Michael Lindsay Endorses the Honorable Robert Ornelas for Governor of California

Author Michael Lindsay endorses the Honorable Robert Ornelas for Governor of California.

“Thank goodness for mid-term elections in 2014. This is the only way the people have to restore some sanity back into the government. I have selected for my Governor in the great State of California in 2014, the honorable Robert Ornelas, I hope all Californian’s will join with me and choose the one man that special interests cannot purchase. This is how I will fix the mess we are in, I will Write In Robert Ornelas as my choice for Governor. Yes, I will WRITE-IN that name. Why, because I want my vote counted properly and not electronically changed,” stated Lindsay

Michael Lindsay is a pseudonym. The author’s intention for his novels is to empower the public with knowledge about the urgent need for monetary system reform. Therefore, he must remain anonymous in order to continue providing access to honest information. Power to the people!

Dr. Robert Ornelas California Gubernatorial Candidate 2014