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Visalus Ingredients – Are They Helpful or Harmful?

Visalus Ingredients – Are They Helpful or Harmful?

by emacmediaDecember 8, 2013

 Income Focused Website Launches Article Explaining Helpful or Harmful Aspects of ViSalus Ingredients

A new article released on the website provides insight into whether the ingredients of ViSalus Shakes are helpful or harmful to the body.

December 3, 2013 –, a website by Richard Davis focused on helping others earn an income online, has launched an article regarding the ingredients of ViSalus. The blog content is targeted at women who want to obtain an hour-glass figure. ViSalus Shakes include soy proteins, vitamins, and pre-biotic fibers which aid digestion and are low in sodium and carbohydrates. The shakes also have Aminogen, an ingredient that promotes protein absorption.

Next, the piece goes on to explain the helpful properties of these ingredients. The benefits include weight loss, and also an increase in energy, digestive function, a reduction of fat, and increase in muscle. In addition, the product tastes good and comes in different flavors so one can select the one they like the most.

As soy is the cheapest source of protein available, according to the article, it also explores the potential for harm. There has been speculation that soy protein may be harmful and cause a variety of health issues. One word of advice is that it does not replace complete nutritional intake so one should still eat regular meals while drinking ViSalus Shakes.

The article stresses some people have had success with the product while others question its value, but it is worth a try. ViSalus ingredients can contribute to a well-toned and healthy body. Read more to decide if they are helpful or harmful, as the content suggests the benefits have helped some people achieve their goals.

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