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Revolutionary Brain Training Handbook by Sue Stebbins and Dr. Carla Clark to Launch on Amazon Kindle

Revolutionary Brain Training Handbook by Sue Stebbins and Dr. Carla Clark to Launch on Amazon Kindle

by OnlinePRDecember 11, 2013

Want to change your life? Change your brain. A ground breaking new book explains how to rewire your brain for happiness, health and wealth.

Want to get that promotion, lose weight or form more fulfilling relationships? Then retrain your brain. That’s right. Research is now proving that the happiest, healthiest and most consciously prosperous people have trained their brains to be that way. The good news for all of us, say Sue Stebbins and Dr. Carla Clark, authors of the new book, Mind Your Head – The Revolutionary Brain Training Handbook ($9.95,, is that it’s something we can all learn to do.

Mind Your Head, The Book

“Most of us are too tired and too busy to get the most out of our lives,” says Sue Stebbins, co-author of Mind Your Head and CEO of Successwaves LLC, a Neuro-Coaching and Training Company, which has specialized in applied Brain Science training for more than 21 years. “But there are a precious few who seem to have the Midas touch. Where you see a problem, they see an innovative solution. While you’re wasting away at a 9 to 5, they’re doing work they love to do. While you struggle in your personal life, they have healthy, happy relationships. It’s like they are on a different plane altogether.

“And they are, in a way,” she adds, “because, they have trained their brains to work more productively and efficiently. As a result, they have more control over their lives, both professionally and personally. With the scientifically-proven techniques in Mind Your Head, readers will learn how to rewire their brains and master its abilities!”

The book launches online Thursday, December 12th at, and at the Kindle Store, under the self-help genre. Join the online launch party and receive an early bird discount on the Amazon Kindle version of the book as well as other great gifts. The paperback version of the book is expected to launch in January 2014.

Mind Your Head is a fun, no-nonsense, practical, illustrated guide that disentangles the scientific boom of information (and misinformation) on brain training. More importantly, it teaches readers how to rewire their brains using the most relevant and evidence-based Brain Optimization Practices™ (BOPs).

With techniques based on groundbreaking, new research from leading universities and Stebbins and Dr. Clark’s own decades-long testing and research, readers learn how to use BOPs to eliminate stress, promote confidence and positivity, enhance memory and concentration, master emotions, habits & behaviors, improve health, strengthen relationships, unleash creativity and use their brains to achieve their dreams.

“Neuroplasticity is a natural process that allows our brains to develop throughout our entire lives” says Dr. Clark, co-author of the book. “We are not doomed to repeat old, dysfunctional habits. Through neuroplasticity and the BOPs presented in Mind Your Head, you can quickly and easily engage new neural circuits that promote optimal functioning and well-being. In fact, I’m living proof. I got into University at the age of 16 by learning how to train my brain to be my best asset. Now, I aim to help others take control of their lives (and brains) in much the same way.”

“All of us need that spark, the one element that can turn the world around for us for good,” concludes Stebbins. “For many, our new book will be that spark. With the latest research and the tools we’ve been testing for more than 20 years, readers will be able to live more productive, happy lives. We’re confident that Mind Your Head, which is the result of our own quest for life-improvement solutions, will help people overcome struggles in their lives and achieve the success they never thought possible, starting right now!”

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Mind Your Head, The BOOK

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